Kris is a Riga base coreographer and dancer who since the graduation of the Latvian Academy of Culture (2011) and P.A.R.T.S. (2014) works for and with several acknowledged artists like choreographer Daniel Linehan (US/BE), performance artists Heine Avdal (NO/BE) & Yukiko Shinozaki (JP/BE), body-mind architect Erik Eriksson (SE) and emerging performance maker Ieva Gaurilčikaite (LT/LV). Krišjānis has premiered and toured a duet Vērpete that has received a Spēlmaņu Nakts Latvian Theatre Award. In 2017 Krišjānis co-created his second piece Rise Up, Come With Me. In June 2018 in Riga his third co-created piece an installation performance In Fade is premiering. Outside of the field of dance Krišjānis has worked with orchestra Sinfonietta Riga as a choreographer in a performance of musical composition for a dancer, kokle player and a string orchestra Cilvēks.Pūlis (2012) by Laima Jansone and a large scale musical theatre production Spēlēju Dancoju (2016) by Mārtiņš Eihe.

eva kaack

Ieva is independent Lithuanian artist presently based in Riga, Latvia. Her interest is to give an audience a different perspective to the world and art.   Ieva’s intention is to facilitate an alternative experience that audience can be involved in a process and by that influence the outcome of performance. Although, Ieva is working with installations and One on One type of performances her main creation impulse and inspiration is the movement.



Erik Eriksson is a dancer, teacher and choreographer. He completed his artistic education at P.A.R.T.S (Training andResearch cycles, 2010-2014) and is currently working with Daniel Linehan, Krišjanis Sants, Ieva Gaurilčkaite, Krista Burane, Andy Field and Linn Eriksson. He teaches at Copenhagen School of Contemporary Dance, P.A.R.T.S and SEAD.


Daniella Eriksson Falun/BerlinKonstnärlig ledare för

ARE YOU KID-ING DansfestivalDaniella Eriksson är ursprungligen från Falun och frilansar som dansare och koreograf i Europa, idag med sin bas i Berlin. Hon studerade vid Dans och Cirkushögskolan i Stockholm och vidareutbildade sig därefter i Israel. Sedan januari 2016 har hon turnerat egna verk till teatrar och festivaler runt om i Europa. Två gånger har hon blivit prisbelönt för solot ”Ranunculus”. Hennes konstnärliga uttryck kännetecknas av juxtaposition och rörelser i en komposition av ett collage. Hon arbetar med starka kontraster och uttryck för att skapa nya vinklar på tillvaron. Som dansare har Daniella arbetat med koreograferna Canan Erek, Jefta van Dinther, Rosalind Crisp, Heidi Vierthaler, Emanuel Gat, Martin Harriague, Chaim Gebber, WeColletive och ungdomskompaniet ilYoung.

Aya Toraiwa dances and makes films. Born in Tokyo, currently based in Berlin. After graduating in Moving Image from University of Brighton, she started creating dance pieces since 2015 and has performed in festivals and platforms in Japan, Israel, Italy, Germany and Netherlands. She is fascinated with exploration on how bodies shift between being material objects, and being a place where an event happens, and how a body becomes a medium of communication, while playfully dealing with the fragility of sense making. Welcoming fragility, acknowledging every detail and careful listening lies at the core of her practice.



Eva Maria Kaack is a freelance contemporary dancer based in Berlin, where she also graduated with a BA at Danceworks Berlin. During her studies she got to experience the israeli improvisation technique „Gaga“,that two of her teachers, directors of „De Dance Company“, Tel Aviv had taught her and shortly after performed their piece „Le temps blanc“ In Malta. After continuing her studies in Israel with the „Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company“, she returned to Berlin to start her first project, the ten minute theatrical dance piece „Blumenwiese“, that after beeing performed twice in Berlin got invited to festivals abroad and is continously beeing presented in and outside of Germany.



Foto:Alexander Windner Lieberman



My main interest is in the movement, in its broadest interpretation. I pay special attention to health as a way to a free and full expression. Working with physical tools, from the most subtle and introspective layers to the most scenic and compositional ones, dialoguing with the infinite possibilities of the spontaneous.


The knowledge of the body has always been the main axis in everything I have  done, today from the practice of dance and other performing arts such as theater, and the conscious work of my body through different somatic or physical training techniques. I want to explore this intimate body-scene relationship, observing its continuous evolution, and its endless potential that underlies all artistic events.


My name is Aline Serrano and I come from Basel, a beautiful city in Switzerland. I have been dancing for as long as I can remember. So it has shaped me quite a bit as you can imagine. From my very pure physical education I have developed a philosophical understanding of myself in context of our existence. In other words, dance has been my physical & mental teacher. Not to get the wrong idea, it is at times, heart breaking, devastating, existentially confusing and often you will find my friend, the good old pain right by my side. It’s a true love story, there is the good and there is the bad.

Constantly I am weaving new threads into the fabric of my life. It’s important to me to celebrate every step I take with the people that contribute to my fabric.


Vincent Jonsson is a Swedish dancer, creator and teacher based in Danmark and Sweden. He is a graduate from the Dance and Choreography program at The Danish National School Of Performing Arts in Copenhagen. It is important for him to both create, perform and teach because he believes these different ways of working with dance inform each other and they have an equal importance in his work. He has performed in pieces made by: Liz Kinoshita, Marina Abramović Cyril Baldy & Tilman O’Donnell, Lea Anderson, amongst others. And he has taught and presented his own work in Denmark, Sweden, England, Spain, Finland and Germany.